My new book – Socialism with a Northern Accent – radical traditions for modern timesis now out. It’s published by Lawrence and Wishart price £14.99.

The cover: Victor Grayson leads a march to the new Scapegoat Hill Socialist Club, May 1908

It should be in stock at radical bookshops (not that there are many left). You can also order it by post via the publisher’s website

It tells the story of the story of how a distinctive Northern socialism developed in the 19th century, through the Chartists, radical Liberals and ethical Socialists. It makes the case for elected regional government for the North today, and links in with the work of the Hannah Mitchell Foundation.

It has a foreword by John Prescott and an endorsement by Maurice Glasman.

I’ve already done a few talks about the book and its message to local groups in Huddersfield and Bolton and I’m happy to do more (ideally when this election is over!). I have a few copies which I can bring along and sign.