Paul Salveson – a voice for the region and the Colne Valley

Where I stand re-stated

Yorkshire First is a new party, formed only a year ago on April 3rd 2014. Our main objective is to get a directly-elected assembly/parliament for Yorkshire, giving people the means to address growing inequality and help build a strong regional economy. More and more people are disillusioned with mainstream politics.

We’re different and here’s why:

  • Our candidates are not expected to toe a party ‘line’ – if elected they will act in accordance with their conscience and the wishes of the people they represent.
  • We will organise regular open meetings to hear people’s views – a quarterly ‘Colne Valley Parliament’
  • If elected I will take the average full-time salary for the Colne Valley and use the remainder to employ young people to gain experience of community campaigning

It’s all about extending democracy. I want a Yorkshire assembly to be elected by proportional representation with strong powers (like Scotland), financed by taking power and resources away from Westminster and Whitehall. So there would be no extra cost and fewer MPs.We would establish a ‘Yorkshire Futures Fund’ to fund infrastructure projects

Locally, I want Kirklees split into two (Huddersfield/Colne Valley and Dewsbury/Spen), with stronger parish councils including new ones where they don’t exist (but let’s call them ‘community councils’!). A Yorkshire assembly is only a means to an end: it must promote social justice and a growing economy with good quality jobs that pay at least the living wage.

A Yorkshire Development Agency, accountable to the assembly, would stimulate the economy and work with business, universities and local government to promote innovation and research. We need a vibrant local economy with a flourishing network of small businesses, including co-operatives, trading with each other and offering good quality local goods and services.

Colne Valley needs better public transport and I will continue my fight for a station serving Golcar and Milnsbridge, and for improved services on the Penistone Line, with buses integrated with the trains, not competing.

Colne Valley has a lively arts sector and a great landscape. We need to protect and nurture both and make ‘quality of life’ something we excel in.