Le Salvo de Yorkshire no. 11

ey up – tha knows it meks sense

An irritatingly frequent election Salvo from Yorkshire First’s candidate in the Colne Valley (aka Paul Salveson) – “bloody ‘ell – aye!”

A noisy radical voice for the region – where speculations on the soul are encouraged – rising at once against the never-ending audacity of elected persons (Walt Whitman)

Issue No. 11 May 3rd 2015

Here’s the latest Yorkshire Election Salvo aiming to provide a mix of more and less serious comment on the election. Mainstream politicians take their politics very seriously, which is why I’m proud to say I’m not a mainstream politician and heaven forbid I ever become one. So enjoy this positive YES from the Colne Valley political and cultural powerhouse……and make sure you get out to wave ‘Le Tour’ through our area this afternoon.

But waved the wind on Blackstone Height

The Chartists of the mid-19th century were advanced democrats – the Chartist movement was Britain’s greatest popular movement of the century, with their six democratic demands (see link). I’ve drafted some suggestions for a new ‘People’s Charter’ based on 10 modern-day democratic issues which would underpin the creation of a more fair and just society:



Standing on the Lancashire – Yorkshire border, the great Chartist radical Ernest Jones addressed a crowd of 30,000 on a fine summer’s day in August 1846. They were mostly working class men and women from Rochdale, Oldham, Manchester, Huddersfield, Halifax and the Colne and Calder valleys. Many had walked 15-20 miles to be there. Jones wrote ‘The Blackstone Edge Gathering’, starting with these lines:

O’er plains and cities far away,
All lorn and lost the morning lay,
When sunk the sun at break of day,
In smoke of mill and factory.
But waved the wind on Blackstone height
A standard of the broad sunlight,
And sung, that morn, with trumpet might,
A sounding song of Liberty.
And grew the glorious music higher,
When pouring with his heart on fire,
Old Yorkshire came, with Lancashire,
And all its noblest chivalry.

What great noble sentiments, with Lancashire united with Yorkshire in the cry for liberty. We need to learn from their struggle for democracy, recognising that Britain has slipped back from being one of the most advanced democracies to being stuck with a highly centralised state, an archaic electoral system and structural inequality that is a disgrace to a civilised society. The Colne Valley of Yorkshire was always at the head of democratic struggles – including working class emancipation, co-operation, Chartism, the fight for women’s votes and trade unionism. Today, Yorkshire First embodies that democratic spirit. This is a draft of what a ‘People’s Charter’ for 2015 could look like, and ideas and comments are encouraged: http://www.paulsalveson.org.uk/2015/05/02/a-new-peoples-charter/

Our Election Manifesto in glorious technicolour (mostly blue)

Our election manifesto is being delivered to all households in Colne Valley constituency – have you had yours? You can also read it here:


Greetings to Le Tour!

The ‘Tour de Yorkshire’ comes through Colne Valley today. I’ll be out there waving them on as they climb through Crimble Clough (let’s hope the rain stops..). It must not be a ‘one-off’ but leads to more investment in cycling. Our Yorkshire First cycling strategy was published on Friday. Here it is:


A local cycling strategy for the Colne and Holme Valleys

The Colne Valleyconstituency may not seem natural cycling territory – it has a lot of hills! But a far bigger deterrent to cycling is the road network, with little consideration given to cyclists in highway engineering. Here’s what we need to get more people cycling:

  • The success of developing an off-road cycle network in North Kirklees should be repeated in the Colne Valley constituency: the Huddersfield Narrow Canal towpath should be developed so that it is safe to both cycle and walk along the towpath – with cyclists giving priority to walkers.
  • There should be mainly off-road (or traffic-clamed) routes from both the Colne and Holme Valleys into the centre of Huddersfield, connecting with cycle routes to Mirfield, Dewsbury and Brighouse
  • All rail stations (Marsden, Slaithwaite, Lockwood, Brockholes, Honley) should have safe cycle storage
  • Areas with low level of cycle use should be targeted through schools and community groups to encourage cycling
  • Make sure that Kirklees Council ensures that all local road schemes are ‘cycle-proofed’ to ensure cyclists’ needs are taken into account
  • Shops, cafes and pubs should be encouraged to provide safe storage facilities for bikes, with a small grants fund available from Kirklees Council and/or local parish councils
  • A great way to get people cycling is to encourage small groups of people to get on their bikes: make it a sociable thing. Lets’ have lots of local cycling groups for all abilities! The old ‘Clarion’ cycling club did just that back in the 1890s.

Where I stand re-stated

Yorkshire First is a new party, formed only a year ago. Our main objective is to get a directly-elected assembly/parliament for Yorkshire, giving people the means to address growing inequality and help build a strong regional economy. More and more people are disillusioned with mainstream politics. My statement on ‘where I stand’ is here:


Letters to voters and non-voters

Here’s the complete list of letters to non-voters, and the other parties standing in Colne Valley. Aiming to find what we have in common as much as what divides us.







The Bell Principles (just so you don’t forget)

We adhere to these core principles of behaviour:


Can you help?

Yorkshire First is a small party with no money but plenty of guts and enthusiasm. We need help – from door-knockers, leafletters to donors. If you want to send a donation you can go on-line to www.yorkshirefirst.org.uk and click on the relevant button, or write out a cheque to ‘Yorkshire First’, posting it (with a stamp!) to YF, Bank Top, 90a Radcliffe Road, Golcar, Huddersfield HD7 4EZ

  • You can email me at: colnevalley@yorkshirefirst.org.uk
  • Phone me on 07795 008691
  • Tweet: @YfColne (please follow us)
  • Facebook: Yorkshire First Colne Valley (please ‘like’ our page)

Yorkshire First has its own general website as above but there’s also the unofficial Salvo site at www.paulsalveson.org.uk which is probably where you are seeing this. It is full of other stuff as well so if you are interested in railways, Yorkshire and Lancashire dialect, the poetry of Walt Whitman, tripe, station cafes etc. it is tailor-made for you, strange person that you are.

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