Waughs Well cropped

Waugh’s Well – Salveson and dfaughters, 1984. The well commemorates the great poet Ewdin Waugh

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Hi Paul , have been to Waugh’s Well on a walk with Bolton Ramblers ? (Memory fades : I used to live on a new housing estate up Spotland Road ) No car then in the early 1960’s . Our estate was just above Healey Dell . Great walking country . As I recall you could walk up the ‘Famine Relief Road’ (built by cotton spinners who were experiencing hard times because cotton supplies were affected by the American Civil War .) The road takes you over the top to the Rossendale Valley to Stacksteads where Waugh’s Well is located .. I left Rochdale in Summer 1966 on promotion to Higher Executive Officer from Executive Officer to work for Wilson’s newly created Department of Economic Affairs ( supposed to spread more of the National Economic cake to the regions ) . George Brown put his substantial weight into making it work .He left us when Harold appointed him as Foreign Secretary. His successor Michael Stewart , was nowhere nearly as dynamic . The DEA was abolished as an experiment that The Treasury worked hard to knock on the head .
Hope my ramblings are of some interest. Always enjoy your ‘Salvo ‘ jottings .
Brian .

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