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Hello Paul!,
Please may I have, when they are produced, a copy of your ‘Ilustrated Weekly Salvo’, please?
Thank you,
Ben Walsh,

Greetings from the gardening group at Poulton-le-Fylde station
Nice to see your photograph – the daffodils are in full show now.

I found the Tender documents for Northern & T.P.E. franchises quite illuminating but there are some’conclusions’ hidden in there which could alarm. The Blackpool to Manchester airport service to transfer to Northern? Oh dear. I also note that Wyre Borough Council made no submission to the executive. What hope for restoring the Fleetwood
line with that level of interest from the Council.

On a lighter Female note, Didn’t Horwich works have a petite but efficient loco, with a narrow frame and a military discipline called ‘Wren’ ? She was a bit shy, never still and got plenty of whistles from the ‘big boys’ in for repair!
Regards, Iain.

Hi Paul,
Good to read you are moving back o’er the hill obviously
Your missionary work is now complete!!
Please add me to your e-mail list for people to receive your
Salvo direct.
Enjoy the West

”Train Station” Could be for a camel train, lorry train or horse train so it must be a railway station !

Please sign me up for your weekly Salvo. I am a Lib-dem councillor on Penwortham Town Council, not far from you, plus a retired railwayman with 31 years experience on the rails.

Could you please add me to your subscriber list please? I need to kick 2018 with some reading material that will both educate and entertain!