The Jo Barnes Fund

Jo Barnes

Jo Barnes

This is a small grants fund set up in memory of my partner Jo who died of breast cancer in February 2009. It supports community-based projects with an environmental element in the Colne Valley of West Yorkshire. A typical grant will be around £250-£500. It is administered by Hester Dunlop, Cate Clark and myself.

To apply email me at paul.salveson@myphone,coop – there is a simple application form and we aim to give a response within 4 weeks.

We were delighted to be nominated as the main beneficiary of the annual Longwood Sing in 2013. We received a cheque for £600 from the organisers, which was greatly appreciated.

Examples of other grants

£300 to Clough Head Junior and Infants School for environmental projects;

£150 to ‘Community Energy’ in the Colne Valley

£250 to ‘Valley Wind’ to assist social enterprise wind farm development in the Colne Valley