Journalism: whom I write for and what I write

I write regular features for Chartist (‘Points and Crossings’) and occasional stuff for Big Issue in the North as well as more occasional features for The Yorkshire Post, Red Pepper etc.

I tend to cover railways and transport (predictably); democratic devolution; local and regional issues; working class and social history; other odds and sods.

My ‘Northern Weekly Salvo’ is getting a large following. If you want to be on the mailing list let me know. You can download it from this website. (or email me at




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My Dad’s Great Aunt on his Mom’s side was an Authoritarian on the Lancaster Dialect contributing many books as on Grammar variation via change in dialect applied to linguistic theory. These many ways approached were essential in helping to produce theoretical insights. I gather she was part of the Society. To this day we do not know, whom held the books. The SOciety Library or Lancaster University Library? I know them to be rare. And the house here was cleared and my fear is that the heirloom photos of my family have been ditched, disposed of over 150 years! Without expressed permission. It is a sad day for me. Pls send contact details of bookstores Up North that sell Lancaster Dialect w/Lanky Twang Accent…much appreciated. I have searched on the internet to no avail. Pls send me as well your Northern Weekly Salvo.

Hello Margaret…only just dscovered your message, so sorry! Good bookselers include Bob Dobson, in Blackpool and John Worthy, Bury, Both a are googelable. Will ad you to the list.
best wishes