Radical Regionalism: Hannah Mitchell Foundation and The Devolution Debate

Socialism with a Northern Accent?

Regional government in England is starting to take off, following the excitement of the Scottish Refrendum. It has been a long time coming, spending 10 years in the doldrums following the failure of Labour’s referendum on a rather inspidid North-East devolution.

Devolution has worked in Scotland, Wales and London. It’s about time the North had its fair share of devolution too. Signs are that things are beginning to change in the wake of the amazing campaign for a ‘yes’ in the Scottish Referendum. The Hannah Mitchell Foundation (www.hannahmitchell.org.uk) is about developing a  debate on what sort of regionalism is right for the North, ensuring accountability, inclusivity and democracy. Why not join?

and see also: http://www.paulsalveson.org.uk/2020/10/01/the-case-for-progressive-regionalism/