Talks, Lectures, Conference Papers

I like giving talks to a wide range of groups – from political meetings to Rotary Clubs, U3As, civic societies, national conferences, railway campaign meetings and local history groups. I generally don’t do pictures (powerpoint)  unless it is directly relevant to the subject – call me old-fashioned but I’ve a tongue in my mouth and a ‘talk’ means just that!

The sort of things I give regular talks on include

  • My books and their subject matter (see ‘Little Northern Books’)
  • The case for Northern Devolution
  • Railways in the Community
  • Railways Today and Tomorrow
  • Railway Social History
  • Dialect Literature of Lancashire and Yorkshire
  • Socialism and Radical politics in the North of England
  • Walt Whitman and his Lancashire Links

Depending on what sort of organisation, I generally charge a modest (sometimes nil) fee. I prefer to get there by train if possible, or cycle/walk if you’re near!


Ring me for more details on 07795 008691