Talks and Lectures

Talks, Lectures, Conference Papers

I like giving talks to a wide range of groups – from political meetings to Rotary Clubs, U3As, civic societies, national conferences, railway campaign meetings and local history groups. I generally don’t do pictures (powerpoint)  unless it is directly relevant to the subject – call me old-fashioned but I’ve a tongue in my mouth and a ‘talk’ means just that!

The sort of things I give regular talks on include

  • My books and their subject matter (see ‘Little Northern Books’)
  • The case for Northern Devolution
  • Railways in the Community
  • Railways Today and Tomorrow
  • Railway Social History
  • Dialect Literature of Lancashire and Yorkshire
  • Socialism and Radical politics in the North of England
  • Walt Whitman and his Lancashire Links

Depending on what sort of organisation, I generally charge a modest (sometimes nil) fee. I prefer to get there by train if possible, or cycle/walk if you’re near!


Ring me for more details on 07795 008691

2 replies on “Talks and Lectures”

Good morning, I am the programme organiser for the Basingstoke and District railway society. We meet every other Wednesday evening and have an audience of around 50. I am now booking speakers for the first half of 2019 and wondered if you would be willing to come to Basingstoke to give us one of you talks

Many thanks
Roger Smith